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A1. It is not always realised that when installed with the beads aligned with the direction of material flow, Triten overlay plate has a surprisingly low coefficient of friction. When transporting very sticky materials we recommend that the 'as welded' plate be finished with heavy surface grinding after which it will compare favourably with stainless steel. Once in service Triten plate will polish to a 'mirror finish' with a coefficient of friction similar to A420 stainless steel. It is also possible to coat the 'as welded' surface with a teflon type material, which prevents material sticking to the plate whilst it polishes to a smooth finish.

Q2. I note that the minimum diameter you quote for cold bending Triten plate with the overlay on the inside is 10" or 250 mm. Is it possible to achieved smaller diameters if we heat the plate and what effect will this have on the wear properties?

A2. It is possible to heat Triten plate to around 600°C for short periods of no more than 30 minutes. This will assist bending allowing the plate to be pressed to a diameter of around 6" or 150mm. No degradation of wear performance should occur.

Q3. Does the alignment of the weld bead on overlay plate affect the wear characteristics?

A3. The answer is Yes and No. In most applications bead alignment will not affect wear life, although it may affect material flow. However, where high-speed fine particle attack is present we recommended that the weld bead be placed at 45% to the direction of flow to avoid erosion at the bead joints.

A4. Triten plate may be cut from either side. In most applications it is better to cut from the overlay side so that the natural taper created by the plasma process affects the mild steel base. This will ensure that bolted liners butt together better and in welded fabrications, the taper within the mild steel base can be 'lost' in the weld preparation. However, in the case of screen decks, to avoid clogging, profiling must be from the mild steel side so that the taper is reversed.


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