Triten Corporation, one of the world's leading applicators of wear resistant materials, has completed the acquisition of Canadian based Capitan Overlay Technologies. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Capitan is a specialist in the deposition of corrosion and heat resistant coatings and has an international customer base, particularly in the oil and gas industry.

Announcing the acquisition Dr John Garland, Chief Operating Officer of Triten Corporation said,

'The addition of Capitan to Triten existing wear resistance materials businesses achieves two goals. It continues our geographical expansion, bringing our products closer to strategic North American markets, while at the same time it increases the breadth and depth of the services we can offer across our global marketplace. In many industries, wear and corrosion are the two most common problems affecting productivity. We are confident that the combination of Capitan's expertise in corrosion and heat resistant coatings with our own wear resistant overlay technologies will offer our combined customer bases a broader range of cost effective solutions.

As an example, Capitan has built a worldwide reputation for excellence in the use of metallurgically advanced alloys applied internally to pipe work and fittings for the oil industry as well as the fabrication of piping spools and pressure vessels. This complements the services offered by our Tapco business, which handles the construction and refurbishment of large valves for the oil industry, using wear and heat resistant materials.

All of these activities have a common technology base in the development and use of sophisticated alloy coatings to improve efficiency in severe industrial environments which has been at the core of the Triten Group's business for over half a century."


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